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Friday, July 8, 2011

New Do!

I was tired of my old blog design so I decided to freshen it up with a freebie from Tenille. I am currently on the wait list to get a custom one from Sweet Simplicity in the future so this will do for now until she has some time to get my custom design done.

As for my day.. I took my car to get an oil change and tire rotation and a couple hours later I got a call with a list of things that needed to be repaired. I didn't believe it at first because they normally take you for a joy ride at auto shops so I said my husband will be calling you back. So Jeff calls me after he talked to them and said I really did need some of it but not all of it. So what was going to be a 20 dollar oil change turned into hundreds of dollars! This is a picture to explain how I was feeling

Then I got over it and said oh the rain stopped for a little while let me go for a run. I walk out my front door and there are two teenagers badgering me to buy fish and steak out of their beat up truck. I said no thank you and they continued to hound me I was like no thanks and kept walking. About a mile into the run the sky decided to open back up and it was torrential down pour! It actually felt great but I felt like God was saying cool it about the car and move on. So I proceeded to run another mile soaking wet which was a real joy!

Okay enough of my rant! Hope your Friday is better than mine! Have a great weekend

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