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Friday, April 9, 2010

Pink and Bows

Jeff and I are soo super excited! One of my best friends Allie and one of Jeffs best friends Brandon, are pregnant!!

heres a picture of the lovely couple.

We have been so excited and anticipating the sex of the baby. All of our friends have been going back and forth whether it is a girl or boy forever. Allie and I were both pretty sure it was girl but the boys seemed to be positive it was a boy.

Long and behold the girls were right. They found out this morning it is a precious little girl. I was so excited when I got the call! We couldn't be happier for the two of them. They are so special to us and now we are going to have a little princess to play with.
They are naming her Camdyn! Super cute!

So of course Jeff and I said time to go shopping! It is amazing the amount of baby stuff out there. I had no idea. Girl clothes are definitely way cuter than boy clothes. There is just not a wide assortment for boys at all. It sort of makes me want to have a little baby to buy all this cute stuff, but Jeff just laughed at me and said uh not for a few years. At least I will have little baby Camdyn to play with when allie and brandon need a break.

So Congratulations Allie and Brandon. We love you guys and are super excited for all the festivities in the months to come!

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