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Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend Recap

We had or I had a crazy busy weekend. Friday Jeff and I went and had an amazing steak dinner at Ruth Chris. Believe it or not Jeff and I both could not even finish our steaks we were so full from eating all the other delicious stuff. I made Jeff let me take a picture of him before we left because he looked so cute.

We were so exhausted from the ridiculous amount of food we ate, we came home and just went to bed. Saturday Jeff entered a surf fishing tournament out at the beach and had to be there way early. So my sister and I met up with my friend Liz and headed our there later. wasn't exactly the most beautiful day but some how I still got burned. We had a great time though we went to a Jamrock's and then up to the Lemon Bar.

Sunday we just went to church and then I had a wedding to help Christina.
Let me just tell you how absurd this wedding was. It was Vietnamese wedding, so the bride told us oh people are normally late in our culture. We were like oh okay maybe 10 for 15 minutes. At the ceremony there were maybe only 50 people out of like 190. They all start showing up an 1 hour into the reception then even more showed up 2 hours into the reception. Then over 50 people showed up who DID NOT RSVP. We were already maxed out there were no seats for them. The bride and groom wanted a "kids room" so they did a seating chart accordingly. Well the parents with kids would not move their children and said they had to be with them. It was sooo crazy and the people were soo rude. I mean we were bringing out tables and chairs that did not match so people could just sit. I would have been so upset if I was the bride.
Then its tradition for the Bride and groom to take a picture with every single guest (talk about taking a long time)
then after their five course meal which obviously there wasn't enough because so many extras showed up. its tradition for the bride and groom to go to every single table and every single person gives a toast. (OH MY GOSH) on the microphone people were just screaming into it. It took forever. They finally cut the cake and turned some dancing music one with 45 minutes left in their night. It was a night from hell for a planner thats for sure. Christina and I were running around with our heads cut off and it doesn't help with they were so rude and obviously it wasn't our fault why dont you rsvp is what I wanted to scream at these people.

So anyways I was super exhausted and just wanted to go to bed last night. Hope everyone has a great week!

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