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Monday, December 27, 2010

Red Velvet Cake Pops

I'm sure many of you have heard of cake balls or cake pops. They are quite delicious. I made them for the Christmas party and everybody loved them they were gone pretty quickly. I also did the same thing with oreos and made oreo balls which were delicious as well. Quite a few people asked for the recipe at the party so I figured I would post it for some of my friends and family members. I used the recipe from Kitchen Bellacious

1 box of red velvet
16 oz cream cheese frosting
white chocolate or dark chocolate

You need to bake the red velvet cake as said on the box. Once cooked you need to let them cool completely. My sister and I made homemade cream cheese frosting but you can just buy a can of it from the grocery store to make it easier.
You then crumble up the cakes and mix with the cream cheese frosting.

I used my hands which was a mess but seemed to work better. Once completely mixed you just roll little quarter size balls. If you are going to make pops out of them they need to be smaller but if not they really can be and size you want. I did both pops and balls.

Once you rolled you balls and put them on a cookie sheet you put your sticks in it and put in the freezer or refrigerator. Freezer works quicker and i would definitely recommend.

You melt the chocolate and just dip the balls in the chocolate and let it cool. It is extremely easy and they are delicious.

For my pops I just found a box from Christmas and wrapped it. I just poked holes in the box to hold my pops up.

You do the same thing with oreos. You just blend the oreos up until it is very fine pieces. You mix with 8 oz of cream cheese. Roll into balls, put in the freezer until hard then dip in chocolate. I am an oreo lover so I have to love these the most.

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