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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sweet Summer Time

It is officially summer for me, so maybe I will have a chance to post more than every couple of months! I have closed my classroom up and I am officially on break mode. We have been quite busy around here, but we are just over the moon with our little niece so every chance we get we try to see the little princess. It is hard to believe she is already one month old and is such a good baby! I am not around a bunch of babies often, so I may be a little biased but she seems to be so fantastic I hope I get blessed with one just like her when we are ready! Here are a few pics of Delainey...
We went and spent the weekend in Tampa with friends of ours. It was nice to go to a Devil Rays game and just hang out, so I am currently cleaning the house and doing laundry to prepare for our next adventure on Thursday! We are gearing up to head to my cousins wedding up in Washington Island which is by no means close! We give her a hard time for choosing such a far away destination but I am excited to go to a new place!
My parents rented a house up there so we can all stay together so it will be fun! After the wedding the next day we are heading back to Chicago to stay for a night and we will get to see one of Jeff's college roommates who has relocated there and we are going to do a little sight seeing! It will be a nice little get away and hopefully somewhat relaxing! I am in need of some downtime! Here's to the summer full of relaxing, sun, weddings, vacations, friends, and getting back into shape!!!

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