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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Washington Island Trip

My friend, Allie, informed me I need to get it together with my posting! I think she just has more time on her hands since she is on maternity leave! Haha I have been slacking on my posting so I will try to get it together this summer and get back to posting regularly. We have just been on the go and getting settled into our house i just never seem to have time nor do I want to sit down and post other times. So here goes nothing. We went to my cousins wedding in Washington Island. The island was beautiful very outdoorsy and not alot to do but it was nice because all her guests and family were there. The views of the lake were beautiful. Not a place I would pick to vacation every summer but the actual wedding was beautiful. I was proud of her. Here are a few pics to recap the weekend. We seriously ate, drank, and slept the entire time. It was a little bit of gluttony for 5 days we all felt terrible at the end of it but we sure did have some delicious food. Baby Delainey came with us on her first road trip and did amazingly. The baby blows my mind how she thrives in loud settings like airports, bars, weddings etc. After the wedding it was quite an early morning because wanted to catch one of the first ferry's to get back to the main land and we knew being on an island with 200 out of towners it was going to be packed at the dock. We headed back to Chicago, not feeling up to par constantly sleeping and taking BC powder, but I knew all of the shopping and declicious food we were about to eat would be worth it. Jeff has never been so right when we got there we went to Portillo's. It was crazy how busy and fast they got the food out, but we had a traditional chicago hot dog and my dad had an italian beef which was amazing as well. We then walked around on Michigan ave to all the shops. I knew there had to be a Tory Burch store in the midst of all these amazing shops so Jeff and I went on a little scavenger hunt to find it. Lesson learned not to let Jeff be in charge of GPS but we finally found it and it was glorious. We then went to this pizza place for dinner and it was a little much but we got two huge deep dish pizzas. I can down a lot of pizza, sad and gross I know, but my dad said you will not be able to eat more than one slice. I disagreed! It was the best pizza I have ever had but it was so thick and filling I thought I was about to die after one slice. I was disappointed because I wanted to eat more but my stomach was not having it! This is my sister and brother-in-law enjoying the pizza! It was a great trip but we were happy to get home and detox from all the booze and food we ate over the weekend. Congrats to my cousin Melissa and Kent! It will be nice having them live right around the corner in the house Jeff and I just moved out of! My mom always says how happy my Papa would be if he was here watching all of his granddaughters live in his house.

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