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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Organic Bloom Frames

Look what Jeff picked up for me today!! My organic bloom frames finally came in!! We are still without the pictures to go in them, but the photographer I ordered the frames from is working on it. For the big frame we got a picture of Jeff and I at the wedding and then for the smaller one is the picture of me walking up the steps in front of the church. I didn't pick out the frame color to match well with the walls in the house we are renting from my parents. I picked what I like and will like to be in my own house one day, but for now it will just have to work on the yellow walls. But they are quite amazing and I will definitely be ordering some more in the future.


  1. I LOVE THESE! Did you order them offline? :)

  2. I was told from the lady i bought them from that you can only order them through photographers. I got mine from a local photographer where I live. Sorry I am not much more help.


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