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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Derby Invites

Well the boys are off on their bachelor party so I'm praying they come back alive. I told Jeff I really don't care what happens but please make sure you come back with your passport or else we won't be able to go on our honeymoon. So fingers are crossed because he tends to loose lots of things.

I am going to be such a busy woman this week its going to be crazy but it will be keep be busy so I don't think about no talking to Jeff for 3 whole days don't think that has happened in over 6 years of dating. I have almost everything ordered for stationary wise. I bought my earrings for the wedding.

Today my mom, sister, and I went shopping for a hat for my Bridal Luncheon. I think I have said before I am having a Kentucky Derby Theme bridal luncheon which just consists of all the girls wearing cute hats and dress pretty much, it will be real cute for pictures. We actually found a couple really cute ones today.

But my invitations were one of my favorite parts and since I already sent it in the mail to the girls I can post it on here. I am just going to post a blank invitation so all the information of the luncheon isn't on the internet.
But I used a little poem at the top that said:

In honor of those who have stood by my side
You have helped to make me a happy bride
I'd like to thank you in a personal way
So please join me for a lunch on this special day.

So other than that I am going to get my hair trial done on Tuesday and have to go do a make up trial this week. So I am sort of eager to see how that goes because I am still sort of up in the air about what I want so hopefully she can just do something that I fall in love with.

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