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Monday, December 28, 2009

I'm Back!

Ok I have been MIA with good reason. We are 19 days away from the wedding is my reason and I have had so much stuff to do. One of the main things the seating chart and working with an awesome lady at GEDesigns to create my seating chart. I will give you a sneak peak of it. Its going to be great!

Speaking of stationary goods. The lady who I worked with endless hours of designing my invitations emailed me today and said she loved our invitations so much she wants to use them as one of her samples. So we were excited for that!

I also got an email from my photographer the other day with my guestbook design with all our engagements pictures. She is so awesome it came out better than i expected! So I can't wait to see that in person. Lindsey has been so great to work with and is so sweet. How many photographers do you know that sends their clients christmas presents! She really has become one of my friends throughout the whole process we talk quite often.

Other than that I have been crazy running around doing errands picking up all of the dumb little things I said I was going to do and forget about until now like the memory table and the table of all our parents and grandparents wedding photos and stuff like that. We are trying to finalize our slide show which I have put in the hands of Jeff as well as moving into the house we will be living in for the mean time so it has been quite hectic. My wedding room is overflowed and im starting to make boxes of stuff so its pretty easy for my wedding planner. I write detailed messages on the side of the box so it should be pretty easy to set everything up correctly (im pretty anal when it comes to the details) so hopefully its all done correctly to my standards. I am still waiting on my menu cards to come in the mail and one thing I ordered for my bridesmaids so hopefully that comes soon. Other than that I think we are good to go. I can't believe it already here.

Jeff and I are going to get our marriage license hopefully tomorrow but if not definitely sometime this week. I hired a makeup artist and she is coming tomorrow to do a trial run so its all coming together. Only thing Im stressing about is my veil i want to see it since the last time i went because I am not sure if its going to be right but I won't see it until next week so she will only have a few days before the wedding to correct it if I'm not happy. AH!

One of our friends is throwing our couples shower this Saturday so we are excited and that will keep our minds off the wedding to have some fun with friends and family. Since my entire desk is overflowing with list after list! Jeff says he wants to do stuff with me but I get so stressed out over everything he rather stay away from me and do his list of things to do on his own so I dont stress him out. I said I could careless if you just get your list done!

So hopefully I won't be so MIA since I got majority of the stuff done!

Hope everyone has a great Christmas and an almost Happy New Year!

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