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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Kentucky Derby

well today is my kentucky derby bridesmaid luncheon. so i am getting ready for that. i should have some cute pictures of us girls in our hats.
i just looked at the weather and it use to be 20% chance of rain on the wedding and now its 60%. ah making me so mad. its going to be warm so at least it wont be raining and freezing but still i wont be able to take pictures outside at all if its raining. but what can you do. my mom keeps asking me can you control the rain?
another bad thing wedding related. Jeff got a phone call from one of his groomsmen last night (who is a really good football player and will be drafted to the pros coming up) well his agent called him and told him he was invited to some football something or other which happens to be next weekend on our wedding and he really cant pass it up. So he wont be making it. I understood but i was still pissed because i have the line up done for the wedding, my programs printed and everything else so its a pain but i mean things happen i suppose. I just cant let it get to me. Other than that I think things are going great everything is ready to go. I have to get a few more minor things done but all the big stuff is done and boxed up. I will post later on some pictures of our lunch today. have a great weekend.

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