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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Week of the Wedding Already

My bridesmaid luncheon was nice with my girls and Jeff and I's mom's. Carly one of my bridesmaid was out of town so it was just seven of us. But it was nice, everyone looked great in their hats. The food was really good. Every time I go to River City Brewing Company the food is awesome. Jeff and I went a few years back for our 2nd or 3rd anniversary and I remember it being great then too.

Here is a picture of the girls and I at lunch

I can't believe it is the week of the wedding. It is slightly overwhelming but also so exciting. I just can't wait for all of our out of town guests to come and all the people that mean most to us be in the same place to celebrate Jeff & I's love for each other. I think we are pretty set for everything minus a few minor things but I think from here on out I just have to let everything be how it is.
One of Jeffs groomsmen can't make it due to a football something or other, so there have some been minor things but my mom just tells me I can't control it. I have been staulking the weather like crazy and its suppose to warm up I think the high is 72 and the lows are in the high 50s but its 50% chance of rain. I have been praying like crazy that the rain goes away. It really wouldnt matter to much if it did rain except for outside pictures but it still would be nice just to not have to worry about the weather. hopefully I will be able to blog a couple more times this week before things get extra crazy and alot of our out of town friends start getting here on Thursday.

Have a great week

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