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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Where is the time going?

Sorry I have not been able to blog lots lately I have been super super busy its so crazy. Today I was on the go since 10 and my mom and I ended our night with our weekly Mexican dinner to relax. But I went to finalize my flowers with my florist, got my hair done, went to my final dress fitting, found someone else to do a marble slab (thats another ridiculous story by itself)and then we went and tried to finalize a bunch of stuff for the rehearsal for Jeffs mom since she does not live in Jacksonville. It was a long day and I am so ready for the wedding just to be here. Especially when I put my dress and veil all on together it made me excited and ready for the day.

My list of things to do is dwindling so hopefully I can enjoy the next week and just relax. Saturday me and my girls are going to have lunch for my bridal luncheon all in our cute Kentucky derby hats. Then Tuesday I have my final walk through then I think we are good to go. What happens happens after that because its too late. I am so excited I can staulk the weather now and it says 67 is the high and 54 is the low with 20% chance of rain. PERFECT weather. I hope it stays like that it would be beautiful. But i have to say i rather it be cold and not raining more than anything. I have been praying to God every night for clear blue skies.

Our entire house is being filled with boxes as Im starting to box stuff up to send off to my wedding planner, she is coming to pick it all up. who knew i accumulating so much stuff over the months. i will definitely be selling all of it after the wedding.

I have a couple vendors I have to brag about because they have been so great to work with but will do that another day because one is the girl who made one of my bridesmaid gifts that i love and wish i ordered one for myself. My mom saw me wrapping them tonight and said ooo i want one of those. I will have to wait till i give it to my girls before i tell yall about her.

Hope everyone has a great week. it seems like it has flown by. Its already Friday tomorrow!

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