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Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend Recap

I am beyond tired this Monday morning. As for the weekend the wedding went pretty well. I was impressed with some of the details of the wedding and the flowers were great, done by Shea Hopely. The space was so choppy, due to it being an older building but the view from one of the rooms was amazing. I took two pictures but they didn't turn out very well this is the only one you could sort of see when we were setting up. The band was really good but the roof were so low it was incredibly loud when they were playing.

This is one of the four rooms. This was where the cake, some tables and the band were located.

Here is my advice to any of you who are planning a wedding. If you care about taking a lot of pictures do it before the ceremony. Who cares about seeing your husband before you walk down the aisle. You still have your special moment and get awesome pictures!!! Any photographer would agree with me as well.

As for this wedding on Saturday. The timeline had them taking an hour and 15 minutes of pictures after the ceremony and being announced at 8. Well that is already an entirely long amount of time for your guests to be waiting. Their first mistake was opening up all of the food for the guests right when people got there. So after about 45 minutes they had nothing to do!
Well the bride and groom were running late and did not get announced until 8:35. The guests were constantly coming up to me saying, "are the bride and groom even coming?" " we are about to leave if they dont show up" i mean the comments were endless. they were all getting restless! i understand its their wedding day but when you invite 300 people you can not leave them waiting all night long.

Sunday, Jeff and I went to the mall and went and bought him all sort of new clothes for his job. Then we came home and ironed clothes and did laundry.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.


  1. I could not agree with you more. It's horrible for everyone there - not to mention the bride and groom who miss their own party! We will definitely be taking pictures before. 1) We don't want to miss the party - not even a minute! And 2) I would rather the pictures be in Downtown New Orleans than at our venue! :)


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