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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weekend Recap/Miami Wedding

We had a great relaxing weekend! We had some drinks with our friends Friday night who were in town from Tampa for the weekend. Saturday Jeff and I did some things around the house, watched the USA soccer game and ended the night with cooking out and a movie from Redbox. Today we went to church and lunch then did a little shopping at the mall then cleaned house big time. My dad came over and painted our front door. It was in much need of a fresh coat now all i have to do is go get a new door knob as the one that is on there is rusted and gross then it will be good as new! Jeff worked on the outside as I cleaned the inside. We are both super busy during the week so we tend to just clean like crazy on the weekends. This upcoming weekend Jeff's Aunt from up north is flying into see his mom, so they are coming to stay the night Friday with us. Then Saturday our friends are coming in town from South Carolina to spend fourth of July with us. Chelsea is a friend I met up at Wake when we would go visit the boys every single weekend and she has truly turned into one of my closest friends. I haven't seen her since the wedding since we both have crazy schedules and live hours apart, so I am looking forward to spending the weekend with her. But I have all week before that happens!

I have tomorrow off from watching the triplets, so I think i'm going to head into my classroom and get some stuff done while I have free time. I cant believe in a month we already have to go back to school. time flies!

My love for chandeliers can not be described and I love it even more when they are used in outdoor settings. This Miami backyard wedding was beautiful!


  1. Hi there, new follower here. I'm in the midst of planning a wedding for next June and I love to look at new ideas. I love the outdoor chandeliers, and that cake is beautiful! Have a great week :)

  2. how about the following weekend coming and visiting your other closest friend!!! :):):)

  3. i wish I could Lauren, but we are having our family girls weekend in charleston the next weekend. sometime i will make it over there

  4. Wow, these are such beautiful wedding photographs and bride look adorable in this wedding gown. The place you got married at is one of my favorite wedding venues chicago and all this literally reminds me of that. Thanks for this post.


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