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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas 2012

Well Christmas eve is with my family and we did Church and went to a little Italian restaurant down in Riverside. My poor husband had to work and they didn't even let them off early I couldn't believe it. So sadly he missed church but just met us for dinner. We then went back to my parents and we all got to open up our pajamas and played a game. We headed home to get right to bed because Jeff knows me to well that I get up entirely to early for being an adult. I can't help it I love Christmas! I was rolling around the bed waiting for Jeff to get up and finally at 7 I said forget it and just woke him up. We opened up all our stockings and again I was impressed he picked out a david yurman bracelet for me all on his own. He knows better and takes my sister along with him just to make sure. But it was beautiful and I was surprised! 

We got ready and headed over to my parents to open presents with them and my sisters family. Delainey was a riot to watch open up her presents really just eating the paper and playing. But we all got lots of great stuff and are blessed to have such a wonderful family. We then headed to Jeff's parents to do presents and lunch with his side of the family. Jeff's mom got one of his ACC championship jerseys framed which he was so excited about. Now I just have to figure out where to hang that thing. It is HUGE!. 

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