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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Workout Wednesday!

Jeff and I have been on the work out kick! I normally go to the gym and go 30 min-1hr cardio after school but once Jeff got home last night he said want to work out and I said what the heck. He started showing me the exercises he did in college for football! Holy moly was it hard! He would get on the treadmill and run on a straight up incline for two minutes while I did the push ups, squats, lunges whatever he told me to and then we would switch and I would run and he would do the next set. It doesn't sound very challenging but we were both sweating like crazy after an hour of doing this! And both of our legs are sore. Nothing like blasting loud music when you work out so I am sure our neighbors weren't to thrilled with it blaring at 8:45 at night. It finally has come time to replace my tennis shoes i have been needing to for so long but every time I work out my feet killed so I went and picked up a pair today! 

I also scooped up some cute and comfy work out clothes the other day! Lululemon is amazing and so comfortable yet cute!

There are so many more things on my wish list! maybe for valentines I can snag a few more things because they are so comfortable.  I am off to football practice for the Mama's!

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