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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Making Moves!

It is hard to believe January has almost come and gone! Jeff and I have been talking quite a bit lately about our plans for the next few years and what we want! Well I do most of the talking and he nods. So I sort of went back to see what my 30 for 30 list was to see if we could cross anything off or what else I might want to add. There were a few things I could cross off or I am working to crossing off. So here goes nothing....

We can cross off number 9 as Jeff and I did a few things this year to help some families in need for Christmas.

# 14 working out- I am currently back to finding time to do this and hopefully that will lead to me crossing off #22 about loosing some weight. I dread going to the gym because this is sad but true the thought of having to do my hair completely over again is dreadful that is what happens when you are blessed with out of control frizz hair! But after I feel so good so I am sucking it up!

We started # 21 with our trip to Nashville and watching the Jags! Hopefully they are better this year so it is a little more exciting! the most exciting part this year to Allie and I was what drink or food the boys would bring back to us in between possessions.

I am really working on # 19. about being a better listener.  My father one year gave my sister and I both a letter with a book. The book is called the Love Dare. I have always just put it in the bottom drawer of my desk and never really did much with it. (sorry Dad if you are reading this) But I was on a cleaning rampage the other day of all the closets and came across it. I decided I am going to take the dare! It is all about being a better wife. Each day there is a dare to do things or say nice things for your husband without wanting something in return. I am on day 3 and so far so good! Hopefully this will help out with my listening skills because so far they have been not saying anything negative. So even when I want to say "are you kidding" I hold it in =)

# 28- Annual Girls Weekend Trip- We are working on it. there are a few of us that keep saying lets do it but no plans have been made. I think we decided we wanted to go to Charleston but it is finding a time when it works for everyone! I won't cross it off since it isn't booked!

#15- Throw Jeff a party is in the works! I have wanted to host a Beer Olympics with teams and games with prizes so we will see how busy we get but I am thinking about doing it for his birthday this year in April!

Now for one that I am excited about!  Jeff and I have been doing a lot of talking and we all know what I love to do is plan PARTIES! I could think of any reason to throw a party just because I want to have something to do and plan! My poor husband doesn't appreciate the amount of money and time I put into every party but hey who doesn't love a good one! People remember the little things! I've always said I wanted to plan, but where we live isn't' the best place for it. Well I decided it is time to get the ball rolling anyway. Whether I don't do anything with it or I open up my own little business I have to go back to school to get certified as a party planner! So Jeff said go for it and this summer I am going to take a class to become a certified wedding planner. I don't really want to only do weddings but birthday parties, anniversaries you name it! We will see where God wants me to go with it but honestly I buy so much stuff it will be nice to write some of it off once I start a little business! So yay!
So I am crossing off # 10!

That is it for now! I will continue to try to work on crossing some more off!

1. Buy a House (Accomplished and have been living In our house for 2 months now happy as ever).
 2. Get pregnant at some point
 3.Visit Napa Valley and go to all the vineyards (think this would be a great girls trip)
 4. Zip Lining in Costa Rica
 5. Get a nice camera/video camera and take more pictures
 6. Go to Ellen Show
 7. Visit Italy and parts of Europe (this will be a difficult one because Jeff has no desire to go)
 8. Run Disney Half Marathon (maybe walk some too)
 9. Give a family in need Christmas
 10. Start party planning on the side
 11. Spend Christmas in NYC (jeff has never been)
 12. Attend a bible study regularly
 13. become a better cook/take a cooking class
 14. work out 3-5 times a week
15. throw Jeff a big birthday party
 16. Host a formal dinner party at our house with a chef
 17. Learn how to play golf so I can play with jeff
18. Start a supper club with friends and family
 19. Become a better listener and less stubborn
20. Read more books
21. Go to a road football trip every year (obviously Jeff's input)
22. Loose 10-15 more pounds
 23. learn how to make homemade meatballs like my Bumpa and Jeff's Pop Pop
24. Still be teaching
25. Take salsa dancing class
 26. start up volleyball program at my school 
27. Finish Decorating our house (will this ever happen? probably not)
28. Have an annual girls weekend trip
 29. Build a pergola in my backyard
30. Have a big 30th birthday party!!


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