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Sunday, September 20, 2009

AH 118 Days

Well Sunday is mine and Jeff's lazy day, we did go to the bar to watch the Jags play which was miserable. Jeff gets pretty into the games and he got so upset before halftime we had to leave. So other than that we have just been watching football, cleaning and doing laundry. I then get on the knot and see we are almost into double digits for days to the wedding. We are 118 days away. I told Jeff and he just smiled and then i started to stress out. I called my mom immediately and said man do we have to get on top of things this week.

I have been putting more time and effort into finding a first dance song for Jeff and I. I really like the older classic songs but still can not find the perfect one. Any suggestions?

My invitations for the third time came in on Friday, but I was already in North Carolina, so hopefully when I get home those will be done and the perfect color and the envelopes will be back from the calligrapher and I can send those out. As some of our guests are already booking flights for the wedding.

Friday we are heading to Boston, which I am beyond excited for I have never been. Jeff is playing Boston College, but my parents and my sister are coming along with and we are going to go shopping and find my mom a dress for the wedding. So lots of things have go to start coming together. I hope everyone had a great weekend. We had a blow out yesterday for football. They played Elon so the second half Jeff did not even play which made it that much more boring. But the weather was beautiful I am ready for the cold weather to wear some boots and scarfs. So until next time.

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