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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Jeff and I are moving temporarily into my one of my parents houses they kept for the kids incase we ever needed it as I have said in previous posts. Well it needs a fresh coat of paint in the master and master bath no matter what, so I talked my dad into this beautiful shade of grey. I am real excited Mom and I are off to buy the paint this afternoon. jeff and I may only be in this house for a month or two but it still will be a beautiful color that I am just in love with.

Then we are off to do a little birthday shopping for Jeff's mom. She is turning 50 on Friday so Im going to get her some dumb over the hill gifts to go along with his Aunt's bag of old people stuff as a joke, then im gunna get her my favorite bottle of chardonnay ( we are huge chardonnay drinkers together) and a cute top she can wear on senior night, she does not have any daughters so I am her new shopper.

I will give you a little sneak peak of the signs that are going on the back of mine and Jeff's chairs at the wedding. They are going to look great. We are going to tie them onto our chairs with satin ribbon.

I also have the first draft of the menus, advice and wishes sign too but you will have to wait for the finish product. Liz with Ellas paper is so on the ball she is awesome. Well have a great wednesdsay. I am off to run errands and then home to pack to head off to North Carolina tomorrow morning. I am excited because my friend Lauren is coming and one of the other girlfriends, Allison, who lives in Orlando is riding up with me, so I wont be all alone for the drive.

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