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Monday, September 28, 2009

Boston Trip

Well we had an awesome time in Boston, the weather was beautiful during the day but got a little chilly at night. As soon as we got there we dropped our bags off and got on the Subway and headed to the northern part of the city, Little Italy. It was amazing. We are italians so we just smelled all the amazing restaurants and finally settled on a famous pizzeria it was fabulous. Then we went to a place called Mikes pastry. If you ever decide to go to Boston this place is a must stop. THey had anything you could think of. My eye was immediately caught by the chocolate cannoli and let me tell you it was a small piece of heaven. It was the highlight of my trip. Which I of course took a picture and sent it to my brother and Jeff. I wish I could have bought some to take back to give to Jeff he would have died.

We really just walked around the entire town and we did make our stop at Cheers. Although sad to say we did not even have a beer. It was so crowded and hot in this place I got light headed. So i took two pictures and we left.

Friday night we went and saw Blue Man group. It was a very interesting show to say the least. I think you have to be really artistic to really understand how people think of things like this, but some parts were pretty funny and amazing. We enjoyed ourselves but we were not allowed to take pictures throughout the show.

Saturday we went to Harvard in the morning which was absolutely beautiful. I loved the campus and then we headed to the game. It was awesome weather. We took the subway all the way out of the city up to the college which took sometime with all the stops. I definitely am not a city girl I have decided, subways are not for me.

My dad, sister, and I outside the stadium. We were waiting for Jeff's parents.

I had to put this picture because it just hilarious. My sister and dad wanted to get lobster so we went to dinner after being exhausted from a long day of football. This is my sister truly in her element.

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