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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Real Wedding Tuesday

Well if you noticed I deleted my last post about the working world. Well these past two days have been a living hell for me. I could give you pages of stories from what these eight year old children were like, but you probably would not believe what i said it just is absolutely ridiculous. But the school and the situation was not good and just not somewhere I needed to be. It was not a place I could wake up and go to every single day. If i knew more information about the school prior to accepting the job I would have not done so. So I kindly removed myself from the situation and the school was not even surprised I guess a lot of teachers they hire come in for a day or two and say oh no way, which was my reaction. It was just a completely different world. So with that said I am unemployed again =)

Sad to say I have done absolutely nothing for the wedding lately. I have got to get on the ball with getting my veil made I have been slacking off and booking marble slab. I did do a little shopping today and picked up some more of my french wire chargers from pottery barn. For my birthday my parents bought me majority of the french wire set with the bowls, wine rack, candle holders and so forth. But I am a charger lover and I wanted some more of them. I think they are just amazing.

But for the real wedding. They are some pretty bright colors but I like alot of the details they chose to do. Such as the crystals and branches. I love the draped tent. I really love the way they food was presented it was really cool. But check it out for yourself.

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