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Monday, September 7, 2009

Home From a Long Weekend

Well I just got home about an hour ago from North Carolina. I had such a great weekend minus the loss on Saturday. but how do you expect to win with 4 turnovers, But I'll just leave it at that. It was so exciting though because Jeff was the captain for the game. I was so upset I forgot my camera but thankfully his aunt and mom had their cameras and took lots of pictures so I will post some once they email them to me. But hopefully things can only go up from here for their season. But it was great to see jeff's parents and his aunt nan from up north. Also Chels and Bri. We had a great time catching up till 3 in the morning on Friday while the boys were at the hotel. We went to dinner and a movie last night with Trey and Chelsea and saw Inglorious Bastards. Chelsea and I spent majority of the movie hiding our eyes. It was very graphic but overall had a pretty good story line.

When I was driving my 7 hour drive home I started brainstorming all the things that I need to get done soon. But all I could think about was my invitations. The first batch we got the pink was not the right color in the background way to bright, so the girl graciously printed them again and my mom got them in the mail on Friday when I was already on the road and called me and it did not sound to promising that it was the right color. Well of course first thing I do when I walked through the door was go look at them and I about fell over. It still is too bright of a pink. I am having such a hard time understanding why we can not get the perfect pink when the sample I was sent was right but now the invitations aren't. So I am beyond frustrated. But hopefully it will all work out. But I also came home to my passport so that was good. At least that is out of the way so we are set for the honeymoon. Other than that I think I am going to change the guys tuxes so my dad and I are going to re-pick those and I have got to start looking into some music. I have no idea what Jeff and I are even going to dance to.

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day.

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