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Friday, July 27, 2012

Birthday Surprise!!

So you know from a previous post kids are in Jeff and I's near future probably a year or two. So we were discussing how our car situation wasn't really good for us to have kids. Jeff has a truck and I had a mazda 6 which was to small and getting old. So we both knew when we bought another car it would be a tahoe without a doubt. So we just casually started looking around to see if anything came up. We went to see one two weekends ago and we were ready to buy it and trade in the mazda. We showed up and it sold an hour before we got there. Not very good luck. God has better plans for us!

Well I came across this white tahoe ltz which was exactly what I was looking for. I am crazy but I wanted a white or black tahoe with silver handles which is the ltz (jeff's comment was who in the world would care if it has silver handles but that person would be me), it also comes with a little nicer upgrades in the car like navigation, rear entertainment so when we have kids they can watch movies on trips etc. Well to find that in our price range with low miles is very hard to come by. When we did find one it was gone the next day for obvious reasons. When I found this white one I went and saw it while Jeff was at work and it was perfect. He told me he would call to see what he could do. To my disappoint he told me two days ago that a couple from Orlando was interested and going to make a deal on it, so we had to keep looking. I was bummed because this one was to good to be true.

Fast forward to last night...I was taking a nap and Jeff called at like 6:00 and said I am so busy at work I wont be home till like 745 which is no surprise to me as he works late quite a bit. Well he came in from work and goes Happy early Birthday (my birthday isn't till next month) and handed me the keys to a car. I was like what are you doing and he took me outside and opened the garage and there was my white tahoe! He said there really was a couple from Orlando interested but he just went and bought it before them!

Excited was an understatement! My dad came over and took us out for ice cream to celebrate! My husband is so amazing and truly goes out of his way to make me happy and surprise me. God sure has blessed me with an amazing man! Now I have my mom mobile so in a couple of years I will be ready for kids. Isn't she a beauty...


  1. I love it!! That's exactly what I want...Tony says I work to far to have a gas guzzler. :(

  2. Thanks Abbey! I love it so much! It is a gas guzzler though but worth it =) Tell him you need a good family car before you guys have babies!


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