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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th!

Last night we went and watched fireworks and took Lainey along. 

here is my sister and Delainey

We are keeping it low key around here for the fourth. Jeff went golfing with my dad and cousin Kent. I have been cleaning and hanging goodies I recently got for the house.  We will probably just hang by the pool or go on the boat and grill out later! Today is my Bumpa's birthday We sure do miss him but I know he is watching down on us from heaven! Tomorrow is my dad's birthday and all of the kids are cooking him dinner at my parents house!

Friday Jeff's parents are coming in town to see the house and have dinner. Jeff's dads birthday is July 12th so we are going to take them to Savannah for Saturday and Sunday for his birthday. Jeff's mom has never been and Jeff has been dying to go! My sister and her family are going up as well to visit some friends so we will all be up there it should be fun! I told Jeff our goal is to go to completely different places we have never been because I am sure there are so many fun places and we always tend to go to the same ones. Jeff has already found one of the top burger joints so I'm sure we will be hitting that up!

So I have been trying to get some things for our master bedroom because it is a pretty big room but nothing on the walls. I am not sure exactly what I want which is the problem. I am not a big fan on art work everywhere but I also don't want a shrine of Jeff and I on the wall.

I found these frames on the internet at West Elm so I went yesterday to see if I really liked them in person and I did. So now I am just deciding where I am going to put them and what sizes I need.

We finally got our furniture delivered and it is just not enough for the room. I need to find a chair for the corner and then I am thinking some sort of jewelry armoire needs to be in there also. I know when I add stuff to the walls that may help some too.  But I went and got us some new bedding at Pottery Barn. I spotted these lamps and loved the detailed metal so I scooped those up as well a couple weeks ago.  I liked the dark moroccan feel of the lamps sort of add a masculine touch to the room. 

Yesterday I was out and about and at Ballard they had these cute little mirrors that matched our bedside tables perfectly so I got three to put above our headboard. I was so tempted to buy the bigger mirror to put in my entry way because I like it so much and they are on sale but I cant decide if it will be to big. I may have to go back.

I wondered over to pottery barn and spotted the perfect clock for our kitchen nook. So I got that and I am waiting for my dad to come help me hang it! Jeff and I have an agreement that he will not hang anything in our house anymore due to the arguments it brings with it. I can look at something and see if it is not centered or level in a heart beat and he gets mad because I continue to make him redo it over and over until it is perfect! So I just call my dad or brother in law over to help me if I can't do it on my own. 

I am off to enjoy the sun. I hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July! 

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