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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Boone Bound

We are off to the mountains of Boone, NC tomorrow morning. I can't say I am excited for the 8 hr drive, but I am excited to see Jeff's best friend from college get married! I mostly excited that the temperature is in the 70s and not the 100s! 

 Trey & Ashley
 We met his fiance for the first time in April and she was a lot of fun to hang out with so I am sure wedding is going to be tons of fun. A few of Jeff's football buddies are flying in, one of them we haven't seen since our wedding. he was one of Jeff's groomsmen so it will be nice to catch up!
Ashley's parents own a lot of land on the mountain and have a big barn in their backyard. They are having the reception outside partially in the barn! I can't wait to see how it all turns out. I will try to remember to take pictures. Although my camera is a piece of crap, so I will make no promises.
 That is one thing on my birthday list is to invest in a nice camera that we can have for many years to come! 

Off topic but my niece, Delainey, got her ears pierced yesterday and I could just die at how cute she is. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend! 

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  1. Hey Jessica,

    Not sure if Olive Juice is the name of your blog because you love dirty martinis or because it looks like "I love you." when you mouth "olive juice."

    If it is the former, I'd love to send you a sample of my company's product, Dirty Sue - premium olive juice for dirty martinis.
    Let me know. Eric


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