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Monday, July 9, 2012

Savannah Recap

We had a great weekend with my in-laws. They came over Friday and I cooked them dinner and we just hung out at the house. They had not been to our house since we moved it so it was nice for them to see it all done. They are actually in the midst of selling there house so they will be moving back closer to us. Jeff's brother just bought a house one neighborhood over he is like 1/2 a mile from us so we will all be really close. Saturday we got up and headed to Savannah. Our first stop was at Wiley's BBQ right outside of Savannah it was delicious. Our friend introduced us to this place last year and Jeff was obsessed! We then headed to our hotel and walked around historic downtown. We had to stop every couple minutes either to shop or get a beer because it was sooo hot! We ended up at my favorite roof top bar on top of the Bohemian Hotel.  They have these awesome oyster chandeliers and I am determined to get one for my patio. Jeff said yah if you see one you can buy one.

I saw some furniture stores earlier so Jeffs parents headed back to the hotel and we decided to head back out to Broughton st to do some shopping for the house. Long and behold I found an oyster chandelier. It was like 4 times the size of the one in the picture and the guy said someone locally makes them. I obviously didn't need one that big but he goes oh we can get one custom made for you. Jeff then looked at the price tag and it was like over 2,000 bucks! He just started laughing at me and said we are out of here! I was a little depressed they were that much but I am going to do some research and find a cheaper one or how hard could it be to make one on my own?

We then made a pit stop at Leopolds ice cream. I can't believe we have never been there before but I had a bite of Jeff's and it was to die for. It has been there since 1919. If you are ever in Savannah it is a must go, the line was out the door when we went at like 4 in the afternoon but it was worth it. Jeff started talking to the guys behind us in line and said oh here would you like to look at the menu and they said Oh no thanks we have already been here once today.

We took Jeff's dad out for birthday dinner and to celebrate the opening of his new business at Ruth Chris. It was delicious but we were a  little bummed we couldn't get reservations anywhere different in Savannah for his parents to try. I called like 6 different places and they have no reservations. Then we took Jeff's mom to the dueling piano bar which was fun. She had a great time! She requested Dancing queen because she thought there was no way they would know the words and they played it so she was happy!

I am currently cleaning/doing laundry all day today because I honestly can not believe we have to get packed up one more time and head to the mountains in NC on Thursday. Jeff's best friend from college is getting married and Jeff is in the wedding. I honestly do not think I can drive 8 hours so I looked into flights and they were 800 bucks a ticket so we are definitely driving :(  I will be happy to have a couple weeks without going anywhere after this one until my brothers wedding in August in New Orleans. I feel like my summer is flying by and I already have to start getting my classroom set up in a couple weeks! Terrible to think about.  Happy Monday!

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