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Wednesday, July 18, 2012


So heres for some exciting news in my life anywho.

So you know my friends Al & Brandon the ones I always talk about. Here is a picture of us together at dinner one night. 

They are the parents of the little girl I always talk about, Camdyn who is hilarious and we love so much. She calls me LaLa and Jeff is Toff. So funny I honestly am slightly upset because she likes Jeff better and always says where's Toff? Jeff is obsessed with this little girl. I love listening to him talk about her constantly. 

They had baby # 2 Haigan which I posted about last month.  Here is the big sister with Haigan.

They sure do make some pretty babies. How precious is she. 

Well last week they came over and asked me if I would be Haigan's godmother! Excited is a understatement. Jeff and I love these two girls like they are our own. Since we are kidless we just love to be with them.
So of course I said yes and I can't wait to take her shopping and do all the fun things a godmother can do to spoil her crazy. 
Thanks Al & B. It is such an honor and I can wait to watch your babies grow up. Good thing you only live across the street so they can run to my house whenever they want. 


  1. How sweet and fun that you get to be godmother! My sister is pregnant with her first and she finds out tomorrow what it is. We all think it is a girl. I have two little boys of my own so I would love to spoil a little girl!


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  2. Amy, girls are the best and a lot more fun to shop for! Congratulations


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