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Friday, August 28, 2009


Well it is my birthday today, so I am going to take the weekend off from wedding planning and just relax and not stress for a bit. My wedding invitations came in but the color was a little to bright for what I was expecting so the girl is going to tweak the design and reprint them for me. But they overall look really great. So that is definitely a check off the list. Now I just have to finalize all the addresses and send it all to the calligrapher in Gainesville.

But I just got called off work, so I'm going to enjoy the day of doing nothing and then I am having some friends come to my parents house tonight for dinner and just to hang out. So it should be a great weekend. I think I might even move some more stuff into our house. Because before I knew it next weekend football starts so I am going to be on the go so much!

Have a great weekend Everyone! Heres a picture of me when I was real young, I only have it on my computer because I have been working on our slideshow. Oh how things change. I wish my hair was still that color.

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