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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Shopping Day

Well my sister and her husband are almost all moved into their new house. It really has come a long way since they have updated it a bit. I will have to post pictures of it once all the furniture is in. They just got awesome wood floors put down which really changed the whole house. Which means I can start moving Jeff and I's stuff into the house where we will be moving after the wedding. My mom and I are going to go clean it next week and I want to paint the living room with a fresh coat of paint. So I am excited to get that going. I already started moving some of my boxes over there this weekend.
My dad and I went out shopping all day today, one of our favorite things to do together, as my parents are redoing the floors in their house and kitchen countertops. But we also went to look for fabric for those two wing back chairs I got at the garage sale. Who would have thought to reupholster a chair would be hundreds and hundreds of dollars. But in the end I will still be saving some money not too much though. But I found this awesome fabric that I am going to use. It has alot of colors I love so I will be able to keep this fabric for a while and it should go with pretty much everything.

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