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Monday, August 10, 2009

busy day tomorrow

Tonight I went over to one of my bridesmaid's, Lauren's house and she cooked an awesome meal for her husband, mom, step dad, liz (another bridesmaid) and I. It was really delicious I have been quite impressed with her cooking skills since she has been married. Especially her Oreo cheesecake tonight, which happens to be my all time favorite dessert. I really need to start learning how to cook or experiencing some different recipes.

But I have a extremely busy next couple of weeks when it comes to the wedding. Tomorrow my mom and sister and I are going to the church in the morning to do a walk through and finalize all the times for rehearsal, wedding day and so forth. Then I will be ordering my invitations next week. I am so excited the design came out so classy and elegant I really love the final outcome. I also need to figure out how long the aisle is because I really want to get an aisle runners since the carpet is red, does not really go with the color scheme but we will see.

We are then heading over to the reception venue for my second tasting I am going to try a couple more things so I can really decide what I like best out of everything. My sister is probably one of the best people to bring with me. She is so honest and has a great opinions and knows what she is talking about when it comes to food. I need to figure out a couple things as for draping and so forth while we are there.

Then we are heading to pick out tuxes or suits for the groomsmen. I am not sure what I want them to wear, but since our wedding is going to be pretty formal i think we should do tuxes, but not too big on the look of vests. But we will see what we find tomorrow.

Jeff started football camp which entails two a days and us barely getting to talk. He just called me at 1015 on his way home from practice and said he lost nine pounds from practicing so much. So crazy how hard they push them. I wish he could be here with me to do the food tasting. But I am real happy he at least got to be here for the first.

Oh and I got my sign, the one that is black and white and says griffin's est. 2010, in the mail today. It is so awesome. I have not taken a picture but I will have to post one. I can not wait to put it in our office or living room.

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