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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Recap From Yesterday and Real Wedding

Well as yesterday was an extremely busy day I did not the chance to post a real wedding. But first I i just wanted to recap on my eventful wedding day yesterday.

We went to the church, which my sister had yet to see. It was great. We did a walk through of where everyone will be prior to the wedding and so forth. The actual sanctuary is just beautiful with stain glass and just one long aisle. I was sad to find out that I will not be able to use an aisle runner. The church does not let the brides use them after multiple incidents of people tripping and falling. The carpet is red which I did not love but I will get over it. But we finalized all the times for the rehearsal and ceremony. So now I am off to order invitations! woohoo!

We then went to our second food tasting, which was amazing. We were stuffed after trying the first two things. We have decided upon our menu and I think it will really give everyone different things to choose from to make everyone happy.
Then we were off to pick out tuxes. My mom said it was the fastest decision I have ever made thus far in wedding planning. It was pretty simple I do not like tuxes but I found one that resembles a black suit almost exactly. I knew I wanted all the boys to wear flat front pants, ( i hate pleats they are awful) so that narrowed our choices down. We ended up picking out a Calvin Klein tux. I think all the boys are going to look really great in it.

But now on to the good stuff here is a real wedding. It was at TPC in Jacksonville, photography done by Pennington photography. They really got some great shots!

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