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Thursday, August 6, 2009

In Need of Furniture

When Jeff and I get married we will both be coming into the marriage with pretty much no furniture. I have a king size bed, table, some kitchen things from my condo, he has a queen size bed, and a tv. Jeff's parents are so graciously giving us a couch and a chair with an ottoman.

We are not sure where Jeff will be getting a job so for the time being we will be moving into a house my parents have had kept around just incase one of us needed it. My sister and her husband have lived there and now that they just bought their first house they are moving out and so its mine and Jeff's turn. I do not want to decorate too much. I do not want to buy furniture based off the layout of this house because we do not plan on being there for a long amount of time . Just until we figure out what the plan is for jobs and where we need to go ( which i would love to be Charlotte, but wherever Jeff gets the best job that suits him.) But there are some things that we just need to get.

First off being a bedroom set. I have been searching and searching for bedroom furniture and I just can not find one that I am in love with. So I think I am going to be doing a little mix and matching.

I want a linen tufted headboard and I found such an awesome one which has now made it to my birthday list! =)

I also want a desk. I have to admit I am a pottery barn lover. My house one day will be full of pottery barn furniture. But for now I really just want this desk in antique white! It is so awesome with filing cabinets.

So hopefully we will be able to purchase these things sooner than later, along with a dresser for our bedroom.

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